Board President Willi Rudowsky, USF Regional Chancellor Christian E. Hardigree and St. Petersburg Mayor Ken Welch will offically open the 2023 Conference

Panel Discussion moderated by Ambassador Adam Blackwell


Nick Reynolds interviewed by Diane Seligsohn

Diane Seligsohn interviews retired CIA officer and New York Times non-fiction bestselling author Nicholas Reynolds, about his 2022 book NEED TO KNOW.

Panel Discussion Moderated by Don Morrison

This panel will look at how religion has been increasingly encroaching upon politics in the United States as well as provide international perspective by focusing on the situation in other parts of the world, including China, the island of Ireland and Tunisia.

Michael Mandelbaum interviewed by Eduardo Cue

Panel Discussion moderated by Beth Gelman

This panel will provide historical and international context to the topic of Stolen Art.

Panelists will discuss how artworks were looted from Europe during the Nazi era and are now being restituted to their rightful owners.  The panel will also focus on the current theft and destruction of cultural heritage in Ukraine.

Panel Discussion moderated by Robert Sattin

From Jessie Owens to Wimbledon to LIV golf, athletes have been used for political advantage. Is this unfair or to be expected and appreciated? How should the world react?

Panel Discussion moderated by Lauren Anderson

How do women gain control and power over their own lives and the acquire the ability to make strategic choices?  Experts who have lived and worked in Afghanistan, Iran, Nepal, Tunisia, and Ukraine address the challenges facing women in those countries.

John Boardman will interview David Hoffman

Rony Brauman will be interviewed by Dr. Thomas Smith

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