Join us in closing out the conference with a social gathering and networking event in the USF conference lobby.

USF students take us on a journey of what is important to them and discuss hope, anxiety and their vision of the future.

This panel will examine the future of a digital world where AI can rapidly alter the information space to spread fact or fiction. Where will we find the truth? Panel discussion followed by live Q&A.

Artistic creativity and performance have been impacted positively and negatively by AI. This panel will explore the global development of technology-driven artistic creation in music, theatre and fine art. Panel discussion followed by live Q&A.

Civil discourse and behavior have deteriorated in politics, the media, and the public sphere in recent years. Panelists will attempt to determine why this has happened, its effect on democracy, and how respectful dialogue and conduct can be re-established. Panel discussion with live Q&A to follow.

Panel discussion with live Q&A to follow.

Cross-border challenges — interstate conflict, natural disasters, infectious disease, erosion of social cohesion — impact governments and citizens worldwide. Panelists will discuss how we collectively prepare for, assess, and prevent risk to lead to a more stable and inclusive world. Panel discussion with live Q&A to follow.

Frank Costigliola is a Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Connecticut. His books include The Kennan Diaries and Roosevelt’s Lost Alliances (Princeton). Journalist Eduardo Cue will interview him.

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