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February 15th - 18th

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St. Petersburg Conference on World Affairs has a rich history of bringing together distinguished diplomats, military, media, and academic experts to discuss critical international issues of the day. This year we’ll continue to collaborate in an innovative digital format. Register now to advance your insight, understanding and impact in the community.

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Our Pillars

Connecting the driving concepts that have propelled our conference programming over the last 8 years, we have developed 6 color-coded Pillars to highlight the broad themes addressed by our discussion sessions, panels, keynotes, interviews and presentations.  These include Health, Humanity, Economics, Environment, Culture and last, but not least, International Relations. 

2021 Conference

This year the St. Petersburg Conference on World Affairs was held virtual and broadcast live, worldwide on February 23-26, 2021.


Our Sponsors

The St. Petersburg Conference on World Affairs is made possible by the support of our sponsors and donors.

Jeffrey Cornelius • Hal Freedman & Willi Rudowsky
Iqbal & Janet Paroo • Nancy Schauer & Tom Williams
Diane Seligsohn • Michel & Danielle Amblard
Ambassador Mel Sembler & Betty Sembler
Englander Fischer • St. Pete Innovation District

Jim & Lee Anderst • Sylvia Foster • Greg & Diana Geegan • Robert Hudson
Pauline McAndrew • SILL – Sarasota Institute of Lifetime Learning

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