Stefano Cupioli

Stefano Cupioli

I was born in Rome in Italy , where I spent my early age until my university. My job as telecom engineer brought me to work for Bell Labs first in The Netherland , then in Columbus OH where I lived for one year and where I bought my third guitar , and discovered country music . Nashville was not that far.
My guitar is my travel friend, since I was a teen boy scout, I enjoy playing for friends and singing together , listen to others singing , in harmony, I love to sing Italian and Neapolitan songs, and English and French too. I consider myself not able to write good songs, all my works seem to be very banal to me , and my dream is having somebody writing songs for me to sing . All my free time is devoted to music.
Since 2005 I ‘m living in Paris with my wife and my daughter. Paris gave me the opportunity to develop my tenor voice, studying at the conservatory, and singing in front of an experimented public. In Paris I’m part of a classical choir , having sung with it in Paris, in Rome Italy and in Edinburgh Scotland. Here I’m also part of two band groups , playing guitar and singing , performing shows in restaurant and bars.
Paris is also jazz city, and as soon as I met Donna, I started to be pushed in the heart of the jazz.
Being theatres and clubs closed due the covid, the Zoom piano bar is currently the only way for me to listen live music. And thanks to this multi-cultural and across the ocean weekly event with Donna and Sami I still can enrich my eclectical personality.

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