Lee-Jay Dubee

Lee-Jay Dubee

Dear Friends,
My name is Lee-Jay Dubee. I am 26 years old. I am writing this letter not only to thank you but to tell part of my story and how the Communiversity brought out a light within me that engulfed the shadow that nearly consumed me.
Starting off, I was the type that never really tried. I developed this habit somewhere in my early childhood that I fed for most of my life. When life got hard, when I got bored with everyday mundane stuff that had to be done, I wouldn’t do it. I would rather do anything else but what I had to, if I had to do something I found remotely difficult or something that irritated me, I simple would avoid doing it by any means necessary.
As a result, I failed Grade 9 twice which means I repeated twice and finally passed it in my 3rd year. Dropped out, worked for bit, attended a TVET college, failed there 3 times especially in math(s), dropped out and then worked.
Then the pandemic hit. I lost my job. Worse than that, with the pandemic bearing its fangs, my father (that I stay with along with my 2 sisters) was under severe financial difficulty. It was rough. A low shadow manifested over my father’s face. Then there was me. I wouldn’t even leave my room and spent months not speaking to anybody. I could do nothing to lighten that shadow, let alone get out of my room. I felt like what was the point of getting up, why would I want to get up, just to remind myself that I got nothing and I can’t do anything for anybody that’s worth anything. But my father finally found the grace of God and found a leg to stand on. The shadow lightened. However, it just reminded me how dependent I was on my father. That’s when I broke and accepted the cards that were dealt, and just gave up! Can you imagine a 25-year-old, supposed to be a man, yet dependent on my father like a mere child … while people my age, school classmates and college colleges, were moving forward like an unstoppable force and here I was — an immovable object.
My father fell into a rough patch again and again … and yet again I felt completely useless, taking up space, being consumed by a flame. Finally, I went for an interview for a general worker position. That’s when it hit me– that the salary would do nothing but keep me stationary. I needed a career and I needed something that could assist me in moving forward. A family member suggested Communiversity to me. I sent my details and applied. I couldn’t even be bothered to at least see what they were all about. But I started Communiversity, and they showed me that it’s easy to do anything, but you have to work hard to accomplish your dreams. Now I even have goals and dreams, thanks to everyone and particularly to Yes to Success with Debra. I want long-term to become a fully-qualified electrical engineer, then to work in Australia, New Zealand or Canada.
For the first time, I did more than trying to do my best… I actually DID my best! That feeling I felt when I got my first 80% in Basic Economics with Mr. Wilco – I will never forget! I looked at it over and over and now, it’s a new habit of mine, just chasing that feeling…!
I must say this program got me moving again. I no longer feel like an object. Communiversity really empowered me. Thank you all!

Lee-Jay was accepted at False Bay TVET College in IT and Computers.

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