Jim Laurie

Jim Laurie

Jim Laurie is an international writer, lecturer, broadcaster, and media consultant who has witnessed many defining moments in global history in the past 50 years.
A recipient of multiple Emmy, Peabody, and Overseas Press Club Awards, Jim roamed the world first for NBC News (1972-1978) and ABC News (1978-2000).
For most of his career, he has specialized in Asia – China, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam. He was the only American TV correspondent to cover the fall of Saigon in 1975 and remain to watch the Communist victory. Earlier, he flew out on the US helicopter airlift as Phnom Penh collapsed under the Khmer Rouge onslaught.
In July 1981, Jim opened the first network news bureau in Beijing for ABC News.
In January-February 1989, he reported on the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan and returned to work in Afghanistan in November 2001.
In the early 1990’s, based in Moscow, Jim reported on the collapse of the Soviet Union and the start of independence in Ukraine, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. He is rare among journalists having interviewed Russian leaders Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, and Vladimir Putin.
In October and November 2022, Jim completed a six nation, six lecture global video tour speaking on China today, Vietnam-Cambodia, reflections on Putin’s Invasion, and the history of war reporting. His travels took him to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
Jim is the author of ‘THE LAST HELICOPTER: Two Lives in Indochina’ (2020), a memoir of war, love, and survival in Cambodia and Vietnam in the 1970’s.

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