USF Student Center

USF Student Center

200 6th Ave S

Events at this location


22feb8:45 am9:00 amOpening Remarks with Mayor Ken Welch

22feb9:00 am10:20 amThe Future of Cities

22feb10:30 am11:50 amInternational Trade, Power and Prosperity

22feb1:00 pm1:50 pmAn Interview with Robert Bruce Adolph

22feb2:00 pm3:20 pmAuthoritarianism

22feb3:30 pm4:20 pmAn Interview with A.J. Hartley

22feb4:20 pm5:30 pmThreats to Education Worldwide

23feb9:00 am10:20 amA Year of War in Ukraine

23feb10:30 am11:50 amGreat Power Competition

23feb1:00 pm2:20 pmAnimal Rights and Human Benefits

23feb2:30 pm3:00 pmAn Interview with Rony Brauman

23feb3:10 pm3:50 pmAn Interview with David Hoffman

23feb4:00 pm5:30 pmEmpowering Women

24feb9:00 am10:20 amSports and Politics

24feb10:30 am11:50 amStolen Art

24feb1:00 pm1:50 pmAn Interview with Michael Mandelbaum

24feb2:00 pm3:20 pmPolitics and Religion

24feb3:30 pm4:00 pmAn Interview with Nick Reynolds

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